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Looking for replacement parts for your TV, computers and other TV accessories in Canada? Then, we are here to ship you the best quality products within 24 hours. Contact on +1(905)282-0211 for fast delivery anywhere in Canada and United States. We have one of largest warehouse for all TV Parts in Canada.


Tv parts Canada is a One stop Shop for all your Television parts needs.

Apart from that, Shipping services provided by Tv parts Canada are not only quickest but also come with multiple payment options for you. You name the tv part and we deliver it to your doorstep. 

LED Drivers , All kinds of boards required for different tv models- Main Board / Power Supply Boards, T-Con Boards EEPROM  ,X/Y-Sustain Boards , Power Supply / X-Main Boards, Tuner Boards, Digital Board, X-Sustain Boards , Z-Sustain Boards , Terminal Boards ,FRC Boards, Buffer Boards , Y-Sustain Boards , Main Logic Boards ,  Sustain Boards , Side Board Circuit Boards .

Apart from these major tv parts, we also supply side tv parts that may need to be replaced in your tv. Power Button ,TV SPEAKER , TV Stands , Remote Controls, Bluetooth Modules, Cables  NOISE FILTER, Light Indicator Sensor , Audio Input Board, Integrated Power Supplies(LIPS) , IR Sensors , RIBBON CABLE, Key Controllers , LVDS CABLE , Wi-Fi Modules, Internal Parts , POWER CORD , TV REPAIR KIT.

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Tv parts Canada is a One stop Shop for all your Television needs. We have tv parts for all the well known tv brands. With more than 20 years of experience of supplying TV parts of various brands like SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, LG, TOSHIBA, etc. in Canada, TV Parts Canada offers very trusted tv parts for replacement in your damaged set. When faced with technical faults, the audio or video qualities of the TV sets get disrupted