Tv parts Canada is a One stop Shop for all your Television needs. We have tv parts for all the well known tv brands. With more than 20 years of experience of supplying TV parts of various brands like SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, LG, TOSHIBA, etc. in Canada, TV Parts Canada offers very trusted tv parts for replacement in your damaged set. When faced with technical faults, the audio or video qualities of the TV sets get disrupted . The problem mainly lies with some particular Tv part. Tv parts Canada has solutions for your problems. TV Parts Canada Inc, a renowned TV parts shop in Mississauga. The expert TV technicians of this entire region and its adjoining areas prefer to buy TV parts from this largest warehouse . Been in the market for the last 20 years, Tv parts Canada has availability of original parts of the televisions of all popular brands.

Apart from that, Shipping services provided by Tv parts Canada are not only quickest but also come with multiple payment options for you. You name the tv part and we deliver it to your doorstep. 

 LED Drivers , All kinds of boards required for different tv models- Main Board / Power Supply Boards, T-Con Boards EEPROM  ,X/Y-Sustain Boards , Power Supply / X-Main Boards, Tuner Boards, Digital Board, X-Sustain Boards , Z-Sustain Boards , Terminal Boards ,FRC Boards, Buffer Boards , Y-Sustain Boards , Main Logic Boards ,  Sustain Boards , Side Board Circuit Boards .

Apart from these major tv parts, we also supply side tv parts that may need to be replaced in your tv. Power Button ,TV SPEAKER , TV Stands , Remote Controls, Bluetooth Modules, Cables  NOISE FILTER, Light Indicator Sensor , Audio Input Board, Integrated Power Supplies(LIPS) , IR Sensors , RIBBON CABLE, Key Controllers , LVDS CABLE , Wi-Fi Modules 

 Internal Parts , POWER CORD , TV REPAIR KIT

Everyone likes to save money, which is why it makes no sense to hire a repair professional to fix tv parts you can easily replace yourself. We would never suggest taking TV parts for repair . TV is simple in design and function. It's mostly one of the circuit boards that's causing the trouble. In this case, we can come to your help as we carry an excellent of Samsung , PANASONIC and LG TV parts .TV Parts Canada has a huge stock of all kinds of TV Parts for all well known brands like LCD TV, LED TV, Smart TV, Samsung, RCA, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Visio etc.

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There’s never been a better time to shop TV  parts. Whether you have an HDTV, LCD, or plasma TV, our parts are the best in the market and will allow consumers to save some serious cash. That’s because we offer competitive pricing. We also have a loyalty program that helps you save 5% on your first purchase from Tv parts Canada.


So, do not wait much and explore the available TV parts and accessories today to find your needy ones. You can order all kinds of tv parts and many other accessories of different brands like Samsung, LG , PANASONIC ,TOSHIBA  to make your TVs and LEDs more efficient. Moreover, users are to be informed that Tv parts Canada also has availability of TV LED light strips. You will find in our stock TVs, LEDs, and accessories by all other renowned brands in Canada and the USA.

Furthermore, besides TV parts and LED backstrip lights, users are provided many other TV requirements. Do check out the diverse TV parts range and get discounted items with the easy delivery process.

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TV Parts Canada also has experienced TV technicians, who repair any TV quickly, irrespective of the trouble detected in that faulty TV set. Due to these expert technicians and the ready availability of all kinds of TV parts, you do not need to wait for hours here. The professional technicians do not keep make any customer waiting for long, they are quick in their services. More than 20000 TV parts of all the models of Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, RCA etc; along with the parts of STK Mobile TV and HDMI cable are available in this large TV parts shop. TVs of any manufacturer can be repaired easily here due to easy availability of the best Tv parts. Due to the superior quality of these TV parts and the skills of the TV technicians of this shop, the repaired TVs are guaranteed. Tv parts Canada offers to its customers free pickup of their defective TV sets from their homes and free delivery of the repaired TV sets to their places.

Tv parts Canada has huge popularity due to reasonable prices of the TV parts and the minimum repairing service charges. We make it perfectly affordable for you. The costs offered by Tv parts Canada are undoubtedly the best ones available in the region, for the repairing of all types of TVs. Besides TV parts, TV Parts Canada also has Led strips. This shop is a favorite destination of people from not only Mississauga, but also from Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton ,Georgetown People flock here to repair their various electronics items; though the owners of the inoperative TVs are mostly seen in this shop.

We have all kinds of TV LED Backlights Strips as well.

The most important thing while getting your TV repaired is trusting the service centers with your television. Smart TV repair service specializes in repairing all kinds of televisions from old to latest technologies. We are a group of expert technicians who specialize in all kind of TVs, be it LED, LCD, DLP, Plasma TV or an HD projection. We can do it all for you.

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Along with our most efficient and most affordable services all over Canada, we also offer free pickup and delivery within GTA for  TVs like LCD, LED or Plasma that you need to get repaired. If u face any issue with your television, you can quickly reach out to us and we will take care of everything else. We will visit you, pick-up your product at whatever time you find convenient, tell you the estimated date of return along with explaining the problem with your television and the repair it needs and then deliver it back to you at your doorstep without you getting into any kind of trouble.

TV parts Canada can fix any kind of problem with your television without compromising with the kind of repairs and parts we use. We provide our customers with excellent services in the area at their doorstep. Once our customer reaches out to us for the repairing work all they have to do is to sit back and relax.

If you are looking for TV parts in Canada , you are at the right place. No other TV repair centers and Tv service Providers can guarantee best and quality service that Tv parts Canada offers. Tv parts Canada has been in the industry for some 20 years .It has already established and discovered the immediate demands of clients and needs for Tv repair.

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